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Negotiated Solutions charges a standard hourly rate of $100 per hour, with billing done in half-hour increments. This rate includes the time required for preparation, mediation, paperwork, signature signing, and other associated costs. Additional charges may also be invoiced. Any travel beyond a half-hour radius is billed at the same hourly rate. For a more comprehensive policy, please see below.

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To schedule a mediation session, a deposit is required based on the estimated time, with each party responsible for half unless agreed otherwise beforehand. Payment options include PayPal, Venmo, or by check. You may choose between online mediation via Zoom or a physical location in Boise. Parties can suggest agreeable locations; if no consensus is reached, I'll assist in finding a suitable venue. Location costs will be divided equally among parties, unless an agreement designates one party to cover it. Location costs are not included in the hourly mediation rate, which will be discussed before the session. Any additional charges are due within 30 days, and non-payment may lead to legal action, with the non-paying party covering court and collection costs. Engaging Negotiated Solutions implies agreement with these terms and conditions.

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